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Since 2010, Sueli Vieira has empowered clients with custom, secure websites, crafting successful digital journeys with a personal touch.

Sueli Vieira brings a unique blend of sales, management, and international marketing to the forefront of Blue Square Web, leveraging her in-depth expertise in website design and development to drive client success. Her comprehensive background shapes our client-centric solutions, ensuring each project benefits from her broad industry experience and innovative approach.

At the core of our services is Sueli’s proven track record in enhancing operational efficiency and market reach. From establishing robust sales networks for a notable Brazilian commodity business in the U.S. to spearheading sales strategies that consistently deliver growth, her leadership has directly benefited a wide array of businesses, including major retailers and airlines.

Her dynamic experience isn’t just about growth; it’s about connecting businesses globally. With successful partnerships across continents and a rich history of facilitating commodity trade worldwide, Sueli’s global perspective enriches our clients’ strategies, opening doors to new markets and opportunities.

Fluency in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, coupled with a keen eye for effective communication and marketing, means Sueli is equipped to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps, enhancing outreach and engagement for diverse audiences.

Our client’s digital and operational successes are directly linked to Sueli’s diverse background, from her innovative management at a leading educational publisher in Mexico to her strategic prowess in international trade. At Blue Square Web, we leverage every bit of this experience to offer you a service that’s not just about building websites but about creating a holistic and thriving online presence for your business.

Blue Square Web was founded in 2010 and have since then built hundreds of websites in many different platforms. Today Blue Square Web specializes in WordPress websites and focus on 3 main aspects of it: design, develop and keep them secure.

Back in 2010, Blue Square Web’s first client was a musician friend who needed a website to promote her band and to sell their CDs. Soon after, a handful more websites were built for new clients when disaster struck! One of the websites had been hacked… badly! The website had to be rebuilt from scratch. For over a month no new clients were taken, instead, she devoted full time into learning about WordPress security, good practices, monitoring and backup software. At the end a bullet proof WordPress Maintenance Security Plan was designed and offered to all clients.

That early incident helped to set Blue Square Web apart from the rest of Website Designers and Developers. The great majority of Blue Square Web’s competition deliver websites with no security maintenance plan or even a hint that they are necessary. Blue Square Web offers a solid and reliable WordPress Security Maintenance plan that protects the investment of our clients and their business reputation.

Fast forward 15 years and Blue Square Web has designed and developed hundreds of websites to businesses, professionals, non profit organizations and marketing agencies. Companies websites, online stores, white label development for agencies… That’s experience working for your business!


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