Inbox Full & Legit Emails Burried Under SPAM?

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Digital Foundation

Web form spam refers to the submission of unwanted or malicious information through online forms on websites. This type of spam is typically automated and sent by software programs known as “bots” that are designed to fill out web forms automatically.

Spam can contain harmless information such as false user data, but also SEO-damaging backlink injections, user-deceiving injected redirects, and even severe SQL injections intended to crash your website or steal your users’ info.

Not all SPAM is produced by bots. There are also manual submissions by individuals who are attempting to promote a product or service, or trying to spread malware or phishing links.

That’s why there is not one effective solution to block spam. To solve this issue we must address the different ways that the submissions are made and understand how to block the unwanted data while letting the legitimate information get to our inbox. We can help you eliminate form SPAM.

Web form spam is bad for several reasons:

  1. It can harm user experience: Web form spam can create a negative user experience on a website, as website users may be inundated with irrelevant or unwanted messages that can detract from the usefulness of the site.
  2. It can waste time and resources: Web form spam can waste the time and resources of website owners and administrators who have to sift through and delete unwanted messages or bogus registrations.
  3. It can compromise website security: Web form spam can potentially compromise website security by allowing bots to gain access to sensitive areas of a site or by creating vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.
  4. It can hurt website performance: Web form spam can slow down website performance by causing databases to fill up with irrelevant or unwanted information, which can lead to slower page load times and decreased website responsiveness.

Overall, web form spam can have a negative impact on website owners, users, and website performance, and it is important to take steps to prevent it. Blue Square Web can help you eliminate form SPAM



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