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We speak Web Design as a second language and translate your business essence into a website that pops up in every phone or computer screen.

We help your business stay present in your client’s pocket, purse, briefcase and desk. Learn more how Blue Square Web can help design your website.

WordPress Website Development for Businesses, Marketing Agencies and Graphic Designers. Blue Square Web provides more advantages than having an in-house developer.

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We protect your business investment and reputation by keeping your website secure. For a small monthly fee, our Security and Maintenance service ensures that your website functions without costly and disruptive problems.

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Blue Square Web is based in Philadelphia, PA and serves clients throughout the US and abroad. It has been in the business for over 10 years and has produced hundreds of websites.

Its founder, Sueli Vieira had been designing and building websites for years before she decided to start Blue Square Web.

Experience and constant learning is what’s behind Blue Square Web’s timely delivery of professionally built websites that bring results to your business.

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Happy Clients

It’s rare that you come across a web developer as meticulous as Sueli. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on many projects, and she is always extremely efficient, thorough and responsive. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and there’s never a phone conversation that she doesn’t have me laughing! Sueli is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a competent and experienced web developer.

Leeann Barrist – Design del Sole

Superb work, detailed follow up and top notch creativity describes Sueli’s work as a Web Designer. Increased traffic flow to my organization. I highly recommend her.

Kevin Kane – Raymond James

Sueli is, in the theater world, what you call a triple threat. She understands computer programming, web design and, most importantly, completely understands internet marketing. She also offers update and protective services to her clients. I call this excellent customer service. The website she created for me suits my needs perfectly. It is concise and brings people in to find out more about my business.

Connie Koppe – Command the Room

Blue Square Web is an amazing company headed by Sueli. I have worked with her firm for over two years. Some of the qualities I enjoy about working with Blue Square Web is that the firm always looks for the most cost effective way to solve a problem, they are incredibly responsive, having never missed a deadline (a rare trait in the world of technology), and they never fear loosing a customer by sharing knowledge.

CB Bowman – ACEC

I highly recommend Sueli for building websites and especially her WordPress expertise. I recently hired Sueli for a WordPress website and am very pleased with the outcome; her work spoke through her dedication to understand my needs and preferences as she built my website. I have hired Sueli a few times and will use her again in the future. Her work is top notch as she is a high quality professional.

Lisa Illman – Kritter Kommunity

The whole process of building the website helped me focus. I wish I had done this 2 years ago!

Brigette Potgieter – Philly Equine Partners

Sueli created a wonderful redesign of my existing website. She is the first web designer that worked without delay and continued until finished. She asked me pertinent questions about my needs and suggested time and money saving alternatives. Sueli is a perfect combination of creative, hard working, fun and reliable. I am 150% satisfied. Do yourself a favor and hire her now!

Robin Miller  – Photographer

Incredible web help from Blue Square Web and Sueli Vieira! They listen and understand, and create results to meet your needs. Fun and easy to work with and they get the job done!

Emily Hunsicker  – Postcard Travel

Sueli goes above and beyond. She has creative ideas to solve any issue, I receive immediate attention, and she looks for ways to maximize my presence in the marketplace in the future. I am grateful she’s on my team!

Naomi Jacobson  – Actor

Great person to work with, highly qualified, intuitive and gets great results.

Patrica Sankey

Sueli’s services were prompt, even on the weekend and she delivered great work on deadline. I have hired Blue Square Web many times and I shall continue to do so.

Jimmy Newmoon Roybal – Newmoon Law

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