Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Branding, Digital Foundation, Trends, Website Design

Reflecting on the wise words of Steve Jobs today: ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’ It’s a reminder that effective web design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating a seamless, functional experience for users.

When it comes to the essence of good design, this quote is a powerful reminder that while the visual appeal of a website is important—after all, we’re visual creatures and first impressions do matter—a truly great design is about so much more. It’s about crafting an experience that feels intuitive, one where users can navigate effortlessly and achieve their goals without friction.

In the world of web design, this philosophy encourages us to focus on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, not just as a matter of function but as a seamless blend of form and function. It’s about understanding the user’s journey from the moment they land on a page to the moment they leave. How does the design guide them? How does it make that journey not just easy, but enjoyable?

So, as we design and iterate, let’s ask ourselves: Are we just adding features because we can, or because they improve the user’s experience? Does this design simplify the user’s task, or complicate it? Is the beauty of the design also functional, guiding the user’s eye and actions to where they need to go?

Remember, a design that “performs” isn’t just about speed or efficiency—it’s about creating moments of delight, clarity, and effectiveness. In our pursuit of captivating design, let’s ensure we’re also building spaces on the web that are accessible, inclusive, and genuinely useful. That’s the kind of design that not only looks good but feels right and works brilliantly. After all, as Jobs understood so well, design is fundamentally about making our interactions with the world around us better, more intuitive, and ultimately more human.

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