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by | Feb 7, 2020 | Tutorials, Wordpress

This tutorial will teach you how create a blog post and publish it. You will learn how to create and assign blog categories to your post and how to to set its featured image. You will also learn how to edit previously published posts.

It assumes you already know how to log into your WordPress website and are familiar with its dashboard. If not you can follow steps  1 and 2 of the WordPress Basic Tutorial.

1. Adding a New Post

Go to Dashboard>Posts>Add New

2. Add Title and Content

Add the title and content following the indications on the image below.

  • Edit your text and use the editor’s tools to make the text bold, italics, to add links, etc.
  • To insert images click on the ADD MEDIA button. Then you will have 2 options:
    • 1. Use an image from your Media Library (previously uploaded)
    • 2. Upload an image while you are editing your post.
    • For both options above see step #3 “How to upload an image” on the WordPress Basic Tutorial 
  • If the area is an image, upload your desired image, or type in the URL to the image you would like to display.


IMPORTANT! Make sure to be in VISUAL mode. The TEXT mode shows the page’s code.

3. Adding Categories and Featured Image

On the right side of your screen editor you will see the “Add New Category” link (red arrow on the image below). Use this to create a new category or click on an existing category, otherwise the post will be published under the default category (usually “Uncategorized”).

To add a featured image, click on the “Featured Image” link  (blue arrow on the image below) and upload a new image or select a previously uploaded image from the library.

4. Save as a draft and publish the post.

As soon as you write the post title you can start saving the post.  On the right side of the editor you will see the “Publish” options (image below). It will have a “SAVE DRAFT” option that will be visible until you click on PUBLISH.  Only you can preview a post saved as draft (as long as you a logged in to your website).

After you publish it, the post becomes visible to any visitor. You can always revert a published post to draft by clicking on the down arrow and choosing to save as draft.

5. How to edit a previously published post

  • Go to Dashboard>Posts
  • Hover on the blog post title you want to edit
  • The links to Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and View will become visible
  • Click on Edit

The editor screen will open and you will be able to edit the post the same way you did when you created (top of this post).

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