Hessler Printing

Project Details

Hessler Printing & Packaging is a 3rd generation family owned and operated business specializing in vertical markets for over 40 years. Most of Hessler’s products are custom designed and printed items: Gift Cards, Floor Mats, Promotional Items, Clothing and Apparel, Jewelry Industry Supplies, etc.

Hessler also carries an inventory of ready to ship products, such as Retail Bags, Repair Cards, Point of Sale Receipts, Zip Lock Bags, etc.

Blue Square Web built an Online Store where Hessler’s clients can purchase these products directly from the website.

The Store’s Shopping Cart is integrated with UPS and is capable of providing the actual rate for Ground, 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air Shipping,  adding its cost to the cart’s total, according to the client’s choice.

The solution provides a good user experience for their clients, who can decide how much to spend on shipping and maybe make a last minute decision to add more items to the cart to offset some of the shipping costs.

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