Supermarket Tactics for Winning Website Design

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Branding, Digital Foundation, Marketing Strategy, Trends, Website Design

In a supermarket, everything is strategically placed for maximum impact, a concept that should be mirrored on your website. Organize your site like supermarket aisles – clear, easy to navigate, and logically structured.

Place important content and calls-to-action strategically, just like key products in a store. Offer diverse content, like a supermarket’s wide product range, to appeal to various users.

Your website should offer a welcoming user experience with intuitive navigation and fast load times, much like a well-maintained supermarket.

Regularly refresh your content and design to keep things interesting, akin to how stores update their product displays.

Use social media icons on your website wisely. They should not lead visitors away but rather enhance engagement. ‘Follow us’ buttons can link to your social pages, while ‘Share’ buttons encourage spreading your content, increasing your reach.

These icons should complement your website’s purpose, keeping visitors engaged and driving conversions, not serving as exits.

I covered this subject in more details in this post: “Why you should treat your website like a Supermarket to maximize conversion

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