What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization ?

by | Jul 7, 2021 | SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making your website rank highly or show up towards the top of search results.

We use Search Engines to find information on the internet. The majority of people (around 90%) use Google, while others use Bing (5%), Yahoo (3%), and so on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of actions that you can take to adapt your website to the ranking rules established by Search Engines.

Google has such a commanding market share among search engines that the phrase “I will google it” has become a verb.

We do not hear people saying: “I will use a search engine to find out about this.”, or “I will perform a search on the internet”. We say “Google it!”. So when we perform Search Engines Optimization (SEO) we are actually adapting your website to comply with Google’s established ranking criteria.

Because Google’s ranking criteria are created to provide visitors with the greatest search results possible, adhering to them will generally boost your website as well. Google will offer a high ranking to websites that their algorithm deems to be the best result for that search because they want everyone to use Google so that they may sell more ads.

What are the most important SEO ranking factors?

New SEO trends emerge every year, and website owners should be aware of them. Sometimes it might just be a novel twist on an established SEO strategy, and other times it might be something brand-new that could provide your website an edge over rival websites.

Nonetheless, many of the tried-and-true SEO techniques continue to play a significant role in raising the rank of your website even as these new trends and innovations take the spotlight.

Generally speaking, the most significant ranking criteria require that websites have strong content —content is king!— as well as be accessible, secure, fast, and responsive (adapt to all screen sizes and orientations).

Also, websites must abide by some technical rules: a clean site structure (that allows users and search engines to easily navigate through the website’s content and find what they are looking for), relevant title tags (that clearly describe what the content is about), properly written meta descriptions (short blurbs that appear in search results and tell users more about what your content offers, encouraging them to visit your website), usage of keywords in image alt tags, etc.

Blue Square Web follows all the technical guidelines while building websites and provides on going Security Maintenance Service to keep you website secure.

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