What is SEO?

by | Jan 7, 2020 | SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and its goal is to have your website rank high on search results.

Search Engine is what we use to find information on the internet. Most people use Google (around 90%) while others use Bing (around 5%), Yahoo (3%), etc.

Search Engines Optimization (SEO) are a set of actions to adapt your website to the ranking rules established by Search Engines.

Google has such a dominant market share amongst all search engines that it has become a verb: “I will google it”.

Very few people say: “Use a search engine.”, or “Perform a search on the internet”. We say “Google it!”. So when we perform Search Engines Optimization (SEO) we are actually adapting your website to the ranking rules established by Google.

In general, following Google’s rules will also make your website better, because Google ranking rules are aimed to provide the best search results for people. They want everybody to use Google so that they can sell ads, therefore they will give a high rank to website that their algorithm considers to be the best result for that search.

Most important SEO ranking factors

The ranking rules (SEO requirements) change frequently, even though one rule has remained the same: good quality content.

In general, the most important ranking factors require websites to be accessible, secure, fast, responsive (adapt to all screen sizes and orientation) and have good content.

There are also technical rules that websites needs to comply with: keywords in page titles, proper usage of head tags, properly written meta descriptions, usage of keywords in image alt tags, etc.

Blue Square Web follows all the technical rules while building websites and provides an on going Security Maintenance Service to keep you website secure.




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