WordPress Basic Tutorial

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Tutorials, Wordpress

This tutorial will teach you how to login and make changes to the content of your website’s pages.

It covers the following steps:

  1. Login
  2. Get familiar with the Dashboard
  3. How to upload an image
  4. How to update the content of a page

Let’s get started!

1. Login

Type the login URL ( on the address bar of your preferred browser (Explorer, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and click ENTER.

You will be directed to the LOGIN page.

Type in your username, password and hit the LOG IN button.

Note: If you forgot your password:

  • Click on “Lost your password?”
  • Enter your username or email and you will received an email with a link to update your password.
  • IMPORTANT! – WordPress will tell you if your new password is strong or weak. ONLY replace your password with a STRONG password or you will leave your website vulnerable to being hacked.

2. Get familiar with the Dashboard

This is the dashboard view for a WordPress Editor. All the actions to updated you website’s content start here. To make changes on your website pages you will click on PAGES (next to the green dot). Other areas of the Dashboard are:


POSTS: This is the area to add or manage posts if your website has a blog.

MEDIA: This is the area to manage your MEDIA files (mostly your images). We will cover this on “How to upload an image“. Note that you can also insert images from within a specific post or page.

PAGES: This is the area where you manage your website pages’ content. We will cover this on “How to update the content of a page“.

COMMENTS: This is the area to manage your website’s comments if your website has the comments feature turned on.

PROFILE: This is the area where you can make updates to your user profile.

TOOLS: If you are a beginner, there is nothing for you there.

SETTINGS: If you are a beginner, there is nothing for you there.

COLLAPSE MENU: Will hide the dashboard menu.


3. How to upload an image

It is very easy to upload images to your WordPress website. Just follow the steps:

  • Go to Dashboard>Media>Add New
  • Click on SELECT FILES
  • Select the files from your computer
  • File will be uploaded to the Media Library

This will add images to your Media Library. Later you can place these images on a page or a gallery.


4. How to update the content of a page

  • Go to Dashboard>Pages
  • When you Hover on the Page Title you will be able to see EDIT and other options. Click on EDIT

  • If a page is set up to use the Classic Editor it will look like the image below.
  • Start Editing the page.
  • If your page does not look like the image below skip to the next step.

  • If your page looks similar to the image below click on the “gear icon” (gray areas only).
  • NOTE: Do not click anywhere else but the “gear icon” (gray areas only) otherwise you will duplicate or delete areas of the page.

  • You will enter the editor for that particular area of the page. If the area is a text area this is how the editor will look like:

  • Make sure to be in VISUAL mode. The TEXT mode shows the page’s code.
  • Edit your text and use the editor’s tools to make the text bold, italics, to add links, etc.
  • Click on the ADD MEDIA button if you want to add images from your Media Library (previously uploaded – see “How to upload an image“) or if you want to upload an image while you are editing your page.
  • If the area is an image, upload your desired image, or type in the URL to the image you would like to display.

I will be updating this post and expanding it. So save this link so you can always refer to these instructions.



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